Las Vegas Flipperspieler League
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Low Rise Low Rise
Earned for moving up a group with the minimum points possible.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (16)

PlayerDate Earned
Wyland Gilmore03/12/2019
Schin Loong03/12/2019
Weston Gilmore03/12/2019
Garrett McCarty07/07/2018
Lori Molloy12/12/2017
Cameron Scharchburg11/14/2017
Shaun Jorgensen09/05/2017
Daniel Barajas08/22/2017
Andrew Cross11/01/2016
Kendal Haynie10/18/2016
Joe Dias10/04/2016
Adam Barajas07/22/2016
Gilbert Carranza06/21/2016
Jennifer Cowan06/07/2016
Brian Mundo05/24/2016
Sean O'Rourke03/15/2016