Las Vegas Flipperspieler League
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Did Your Time Did Your Time
Earned for playing all games of a season with no forfeits or preplays.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (33)

PlayerDate Earned
Jake Harrison05/11/2019
James Hastings05/11/2019
Jay M Kinney08/21/2018
Dana Martin08/21/2018
Garrett McCarty08/21/2018
Shaun Jorgensen08/21/2018
Kendal Haynie01/23/2018
Sal Ayoob01/23/2018
Mike Marion01/23/2018
Mike White10/17/2017
Cameron Scharchburg10/17/2017
Abby Fox05/16/2017
Schin Loong05/16/2017
Aaron Kruczynski05/16/2017
Pamela Kidwell05/16/2017
Andrew Cox05/16/2017
Jim Farr05/16/2017
David Fehnel05/16/2017
Bailey Dutton05/16/2017
Sean Stewart05/16/2017
Robert Flory12/13/2016
Alecsa Keller12/13/2016
John Lukasik12/13/2016
Tom Neighbors12/13/2016
Sandy Helo11/11/2016
Vina Powers11/11/2016
Joe Anthes08/05/2016
Emily Wydeven08/05/2016
Brian Mundo08/05/2016
Mic Messersmith08/05/2016
DeAnn Connelly07/05/2016
Roger Combs07/05/2016
Adam Barajas07/05/2016